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We specialize in the following areas:

Investment Management
Wealth & Legacy Planning
Philanthropic Guidance

Confidence in Your Investment Management

You are unique. No two clients have the exact same financial balance sheets, tax ramifications, investment objectives, risk tolerances, time frames, or personal convictions. Therefore our approach is to build unique investment recommendations so that we can better help you address your specific financial goals and life objectives. Your unique set of circumstances such as income needs, tax impact, concentration issues, legacy objectives, or charitable intent are factored into every recommendation so you can feel confident about what you are
invested in.

Customization without consistency, however, is of little value in the investment world. As a branch office of the nation’s largest “independent” broker dealer* and registered investment advisor firm, LPL Financial, we have the scale and capacity to provide you unparalleled and objective institutional advice and due diligence on investment products, asset allocation strategies, financial markets, and insurance solutions.

Technology connects everything. Our investment philosophy is comprehensive in nature, based on your total asset allocation, not just one account. When your accounts are spread out, we leverage technology to bring your entire net worth onto one screen, regardless of where your assets are held.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2017, based on total revenue.

Clarity in Your Wealth & Legacy Planning

Wealth & Estate Planning is a process that helps guide you towards your financial goals and provide clarity in life. We guide our clients through a strategic process to customize their financial plan so they can feel more content with their financial decisions. This is an investment in your future, your loved ones, and the legacy you will leave behind. It is also a commitment to becoming a better steward of limited resources.

Life in a Box

Life in a Box

Our comprehensive wealth management services are provided through a highly secure, personal financial homepage that consolidates all investment accounts, financial projections, and estate planning data in one secure location, accessible whenever desired from any global location where internet access is available. The consolidated information is updated every market day, and we work on a continual basis as life stages and objectives change over time.

Contentment in Your Philanthropic Giving

We believe that generous giving is the integral part of every financial plan. If you feel led to give, we would love to help you coordinate this efficiently into your cash flow plan, estate plan, and tax plan. We believe growing in your generosity is a critical process to helping you live a uniquely impactful life.

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