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What makes WaterRock Financial unique, and why should you consider hiring us as your wealth management firm?

We are qualified professionals,
with an uncommon perspective.

At WaterRock, exceptional financial competence is expected by our founder and managing partner, Aaron Larson.  In addition, we take each of our core services and wrap them inside of a Biblical world view.  Aaron himself has spent over two decades analyzing the equity markets and advising clients on holistic wealth management issues, he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, is a Certified Investment Management AnalystSM professional, and is a Certified Kingdom Advisor®.  

Certified Kingdom Advisor CKA

We are passionate about helping you:

Invest with Purpose

Invest with purpose, not just for profit.

We believe it is possible to do well and to do good with your investment portfolio.  If you want to combine your faith or values into your investment strategy, we can help.

Invest with Purpose
Live with Significance

Live with significance, not only for success.

We believe you are in this world for a very important reason.  By defining your “Why” and integrating it into your plan, together we can transform mere financial success into a truly significant life.

Give with Intention

Give with intention, not out of obligation.

We believe sharing some of your resources with others is the only way to financial contentment.  We will help you establish a financial finish line, thereby empowering you to enjoy life with open hands and impact those you care about most.

Give with Intention

Let us help you
INVEST with purpose,
LIVE with significance,
and GIVE with intention.

WaterRock Financial Purpose

The WaterRock Story

WaterRock Financial is a boutique wealth management firm based near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We strive to offer more than just excellent financial advice and superior customer service; rather it is our passion to help our clients become better stewards of their financial resources, and our joy to come beside them as a trusted guide through their life’s major decisions.

The name WaterRock stems from two great loves of our founder, Aaron Larson: the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota and the Bible.

Fond memories growing up canoeing on the crystal clear lakes of the BWCA remind us that often a massive rock is the only landmark to guide you back to your campsite.

Biblically, in Exodus 17, the Israelites were traveling in the desert and there was no water for them to drink. Moses, their leader, cried out to God, and in the middle of the desert water poured from a rock.

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