Helping faithful stewards 
gain clarity and build confidence 
through comprehensive wealth management.

Our Purpose

Many individuals and families who are charitably inclined are able to do more when they have confidence and clarity surrounding their financial decisions.

Client and introductory fit meetings are always welcome. If you are a wholesaler or solicitor, please do not schedule a meeting through this application.

We guide our clients with financial wisdom to:

INVEST with purpose.

LIVE with significance.

GIVE with intention.


We specialize in the following areas of expertise:


Wealth & Legacy


Our Process

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WaterRock Featured Non-Profit
Their Story

WaterRock Financial is a boutique wealth management firm based out of Chanhassen, Minnesota. We serve clients whether they live near the Minneapolis-St Paul, MN area or across the country. We specialize in comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals and their families.

Our mission is to counsel clients about the purpose of money and help them steward financial resources wisely so they can live with significance, while investing with purpose and giving with intention.

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